Case Study: BCFest 2017

How can Halo Creative Group help represent your brand? Enter Broccoli City Music Festival, a problem presented, a solution provided.

Photo Direction for Broccoli City Music Festival 2017

Halo Creative was recently invited to join the Broccoli City Festival team to run, in it’s entirety, the in-house photo content program. 

Broccoli City Music Festival started back in 2012 as a way to bring awareness and change to the urban communities that needed it most. 

As the founders define the company, “Broccoli City is redefining cool by mobilizing and educating urban millennials on how to create a better world. Through our programs we are creating pathways to higher standards of sustainable living, environmental education, economic opportunity, and access to high quality food and shelter.”

Since the festival’s founding in 2012, it is held yearly in southeast Washington D.C. on the old Saint Elizabeth’s campus, a revitalized area called “Gateway D.C.” In 2016, the festival reached its peak while operating independently. With artists like Future, Jhene Aiko and more, the company had no formal content plans in place, which lacked a structured house photo team. There was a need for improvement with the announcement of the 2017 festival headlined by A-list artists like Rae Sremmurd, Solange, and more.

In March of 2017, Project Manager, Photographer, and Founder of Halo Creative Group, Ben Esakof accepted the role as photo director for the festival. Working with both the festival executive production team and Halo Creative partners, Esakof curated a detailed shot list for the event, ensuring that all needs were met and that captured photos would meet all requirements to positively portray the event. 

On show day in May of 2017, a team of seven extremely talented Halo creative staff members were brought in to help facilitate these photo needs: one editor, two runners, and four photographers, all personally hand-selected by Director Ben Esakof. The goal for the days operation was to have photos edited and distributed instantaneously to festival and press outlets. The Halo photo editor accomplished this, combing through thousands of photos, approving them to go to press and to the festival’s social outlets. 

Following the festival, all photos were delivered to Broccoli City by Halo within 48 hours to ensure plenty of time to run recaps and more. 

The results of this enhanced photo program, run entirely by the Halo Creative team, were immediately evident throughout the festival planning process. Pre-show, having curated the shot lists independently of the marketing team, gave the team more time to work on campaigns to further the reach of the festival. Therefore, they did not have to worry about an untrustworthy photo team, and they could expect the team to do what was necessary. During the festival, having an onsite editor allowed Broccoli City to only use high-resolution, profile images on their social media outlets. Whereas in years past, they had to rely on low quality photos taken on cellphones by the festival's marketing teams. Post-show, having a gallery approved exclusively for press gave major outlets the opportunity to cover the festival without having any assets there in person. The result: major stories posted on CNN, VIBE, & more. Within minutes, the Halo photo team was responsible for gathering hundreds of thousands of impressions on festival content. 

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